Prioritising the personal and the positive

This extended period of reflection has allowed people to reassess what matters most: their loved ones, their physical and mental wellbeing, and how they spend their days.

have changed their values and priorities since Covid-19
say their top priority is staying connected to friends, family, and partners
say a positive outcome of the pandemic has been having the opportunity to reflect on their values and priorities

Being kinder & nicer

For 72% of respondents, the pandemic provided an unexpected gift: the time to reflect on their values and priorities.

They’re now looking to invest in long-term relationships – such as staying connected with loved ones or working on themselves – above the short-term satisfaction of material things or going out.

This is even more pronounced among Gen Z. 45% said they would now prioritise self-improvement such as learning a new skill or focusing on their health.

Among the respondents at large, 67% admitted to a degree of “resocialisation anxiety”; they’re not looking forward to resuming some pre-Covid activities like commuting, or losing the free time they gained during the pandemic. People no longer want to spread themselves thin, but instead dig deep into what they love.

Lockdown has forced us to slow down in more ways than one. In future, the most valuable currency will be time well spent – with friends, with family, and with ourselves.

Now brands must ask themselves:

Am I helping people to fill their hours with what they find meaningful?

How can I give them more time to themselves, rather than taking it away?

What could I be doing to help people reintegrate into society?

Todd Arata, SVP Brand and Marketing, Xfinity 

Covid-19 has highlighted the critical role technology plays in keeping us connected to each other. And as the world emerges from the pandemic, the need for continuous, secure digital connections that people can depend on will be greater than ever. It’s an exciting moment for a brand like Xfinity. As a connections company, it’s our responsibility to build trust and value in everyday lives – continuing to provide a service that customers trust with their data, as well as innovative technology that opens up new possibilities for connection. 

Gaurav Misra, President, SingleCare

In quitting their minimum-wage jobs to hold out for better pay and benefits, Americans have clearly signalled their changing priorities during the pandemic. To earn a place in people’s lives, brands need to continually demonstrate their alignment with these values. As a free service for America’s uninsured and underinsured, SingleCare aims to do this by allowing anyone to save up to 80% on their prescription medications. Someday, prescriptions might be affordable for everyone. Until then, SingleCare can help.