Redefining connection

The pandemic has caused Americans to prioritise their connections to some things – their loved ones, their time, their communities, and themselves.

It’s also spurred them to seek disconnection from others – broken social systems, material satisfaction, national identity, and traditional ways of working.

They want brands to help them navigate this spectrum and facilitate a sense of community and unity, while also giving them the autonomy to choose when to connect or disconnect.

The challenge for brands will be in understanding and responding to this delicate, highly personal balance.

The Future People Want will be based on transparency, accountability, equality, autonomy, and flexibility.

Philip Orwell, CEO & Founding Partner, venturethree

It’s been super impressive to see the US rebound these past months and our research shows a bounce forward more than a bounce back. Across the US people are redefining connection. You could say this is happening the world over, but it is especially impactful in a country used to such high levels of mobility and coming out of a period of intense political and social turmoil. Our read is that brands too need to step up and create new ways to connect - whether by bringing people closer together, standing against injustices, or opening paths for people to enjoy ‘connected autonomy’ in their lives. Not taking a position is no longer an option.